Place Bet In Craps What You Need To Know

What is Place Bet … is the box that contains the numbers 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 and is probably the most used Craps table place because the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, Come and Don’t Come and Lay Bets all use this section and that’s why only the dealer can work on it otherwise it would be Total Anarchy.

In this section for Place Bet bets you can bet and withdraw your bet at any time if you wish and also increase or decrease it at will…. Compared with the Pass Line where The Come Bet or your bet was frozen until the appearance of a 7 is the end of the game and the Place Bet bet enjoys this privilege and in addition it gives higher payouts than the deposited value.

If you play all the numbers in the Place Bet box and well you will have 24 out of 36 chances of winning like in Roulette when you play dozens or columns with the difference that roulette has each time you have to bet a new bet. , but in Craps your bet remains there as long as the 7 does not come out … on the other hand if you win at roulette you are given double your bet and if you lose you lose your bet, but in Craps yes your bets remains active sometimes for a long time, but you win you will only receive the stake that is on the number to bet and not the total value if you have several bets as in each number … so only part of your bets, but if you lose you lose them all …

Where I am coming from is that Place Bet is very interesting, but at the same time it can empty a wallet quickly

Place Bet in Craps

So, back to how the Place Bet works

– As I said, you can play this bet at any time

– You can bet on a single number or more

– You can increase, decrease or even withdraw this bet at any time

– This bet can pay several times if the 7 does not appear

– When the point arrives, this bet is protected against the exit of the 7

– The total of all the numbers of this bet gives you 24 chances out of 36 of winning

– At the out of the 7, you lose all the Place Bet stakes

– With each win you win a little more than the value of your bet

– You can buy your bet to have a better return (we will come back to this)

– When you place a bet on one of the numbers in the Place Bet box, you sometimes have to put precise amounts because of the payments which sometimes have to be rounded off, because as I said you are given more money than your initial bet and in Craps there is no chip lower than 1.00 look at this little board.

Because of these fractions you have to put amounts on the 6 and the 8 which are multiples of 6.00, because if you deposit a bet of 6.00 and you are paid 7 for 6 you will then be given for your 6.00 dollars 7.00 but if you deposit 5.00 we cannot pay you, because the smallest chips are 1.00 so 7 for 6 of 5.00 would give .85 cents … so for this reason the dealer if you deposit 5.00 will ask you to put 1.00 more to be in the multiples of 6 or 6,12,18,24, etc …

As for the other bets of the place bet and well they work with numbers like 5,10,15,20, 25 so the standard chips ect… examples for 5.00 on the 9 or the 5 you will be given 7.00 what happens and for the 4th or the 10th and well for 5.00 we will give you 9.00.